The Wisdom of Perversity

Julie, Brian and Jeff, childhood friends, join together as adults to acknowledge how their lives were altered by the actions of a man who sexually abused them and what they should do now, forty years later, because the same predator is on the verge of escaping punishment for new crimes.

A Happy Marriage

The story of Enrique and Margaret falling in love in their twenties and the final months of Margaret’s life three decades later as she says goodbye to her family, friends and her husband Enrique.

Dr. Neruda’s Cure for Evil

The shocking saga of a psychiatrist’s tumultuous upbringing, his greatest failure as a doctor, and his investigation into what went wrong.


Max and Carla, strangers from different classes and neighborhoods of New York, meet because they survive an airplane crash that killed more than half the passengers.  Their relationship rescues them from the grief, the guilt, and the precarious exhilaration of survival.

The Murderer Next Door

Wendy, Molly’s best friend and next door neighbor, is killed by her husband Ben. While the slow process of bringing him to trial grinds on, only Molly can save Wendy’s little girl from what the desperate murderer might do.

Only Children

Only Children is a funny, compassionate and insightful portrait of the follies and triumphs of Manhattan Yuppies trying to raise the best and the brightest.

Hot Properties

A rude, satirical and unsettling portrait of four young writers suffering in the bankrupt New York of the late seventies–not from hunger pangs but from the agony of ambition.

The Game Player

The Game Player is a carefully observed and witty portrait of how the games boys play shape and define them as men.

The Work Is Innocent

Seventeen-year-old Richard Goodman’s life is fast-forwarded into adulthood when his novel is published and he falls in love.

Hide Fox, And All After

Hide Fox, And All After, finished on the author’s sixteenth birthday, is an autobiographical portrait of fifteen-year-old Raul Sabas’s sometimes unhappy, sometimes ecstatic last year before dropping out of a prestigious Manhattan private school.