The Murderer Next Door

The Murderer Next Door is psychological thriller told by with haunting intimacy by its narrator, Molly Gray. Born a working-class Maine girl, she’s a partner in a white-shoe Manhattan law-firm, is married to a successful psychiatrist who adores her, and has made a profound and loving friendship with Wendy Sonnenfeld. Molly decides not to have children, but what she misses of motherhood is mitigated by the birth of Wendy’s daughter, Naomi. Molly becomes almost a second mother to the adorable girl. All that apparent peace and happiness is shattered by Wendy’s murder when Naomi is still only seven. It’s obvious to everyone that Wendy’s husband Ben has killed in her a rage, but while awaiting trial Ben retains custody of Naomi and lives just across the hall from Molly. The prosperous Greenwich Village neighborhood treats him, and therefore also Naomi, as a pariah. Molly cannot join in the shunning, because to do so would mean leaving Naomi in his care. Thus begins a dance between grief-stricken friend and shameless murderer that ends in a stunning surprise. Yglesias maintains intense suspense while coaxing emotion, satire, and acute psychological insight out of this compelling story.


  • A chillingly plausible psychodrama, a headlong plunge into the whirlpool of the narrator’s emotions.

    Chicago Tribune
  • …a truly compelling tale of love, hate and moral ambiguity in contemporary New York City…a disturbing and quite powerful novel.

    Frank Prial — New York Times Book Review
  • Yglesias’s adroit plot climaxes in a totally unanticipated third-act heartstopper.

    Publishers Weekly