Fearless, Yglesias’ seventh novel, was also adapted by the author into a movie directed by Peter Weir. It follows Max and Carla, strangers from different classes and neighborhoods of New York, through their survival of a horrific airplane crash that killed more than half the passengers. Max, physically unscathed, experiences an extreme form of the “pink cloud” syndrome. The world becomes exquisitely vibrant to him, every moment precious, all untruths painful, routine compromise unbearable. Once a neurotic and cautious man, he is turned inside out, and seeks as the norm the very things that once intimidated him. Carla is not unscathed by the crash. Her beloved two year old baby is torn from her arms. She is inconsolable, finding no solace in her religion, unable to console her husband, alienated from her annoying, but once reliably soothing extended family. A Post Traumatic Stress therapist, working for the airline, hits on the idea of introducing these two unreachable patients. The relationship that develops between Max and Carla, through love and through sacrifice, brings them both back to the fearful equilibrium of life.


  • A tour de force, touching and harrowing at the same time.

    New York Times Book Review
  • Yglesias’s best work… A brilliant, thrilling page turner full of intelligence and heart.

    Washington Post Book World
  • Fearless is a novel of uncompromising realism and eccentric spirituality. It is a touching, compelling, and thoroughly mature work by a writer who has never been less than interesting

    Boston Sunday Globe