Hide Fox, And All After

Completed on the author’s sixteenth birthday, Hide Fox, And All After is an autobiographical portrait of fifteen year old Raul Sabas’s sometimes unhappy, sometimes ecstatic last year before dropping out of a prestigious Manhattan private school. Set during the winter and spring of 1969, the novel reflects a turbulent and divided America, but it’s an intimate story of a precocious teenager fighting to discover his path. Told entirely from Raul’s point of view, the sensibility is one that only an adolescent could create: a novel that evokes the emotional intensity and rebellious world teenagers inhabit, an anarchy of possibilities that always feels dangerous. And often is.


  • Comparisons with The Catcher in the Rye are inevitable… [But] Yglesias’s tone … is completely his own… A superior novel.

  • An extremely gifted young writer whose treatment of adolescence (as psychic state, as comedy, as metaphor of contemporary life) is shockingly brilliant.

    John Hawkes
  • A book touched with genius.

    St. Louis Post Dispatch