Fabulous At Fifty


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Hugh Reynolds was a happily married man, which is to say that shortly after concluding he and his wife were hopelessly mismatched, fated to disappoint each other daily, he realized he was content. Hugh arrived at this startling epiphany on his tenth wedding anniversary. He was thirty-one. Fifteen years later he discovered more than contentment in his marriage, he unearthed gladness at growing old with Amy, a profound and abiding pleasure in knowing that this was the last woman he would love, really the only woman he would ever love since he had met Amy when he was nineteen. Naturally, along the way there had been hiccups in his conviction that his wife was the great love of his life—a day here, a week there, when he suspected a platonic crush, if allowed to become physical, would ignite into a grand passion—but those daydreams had quickly vanished, mirages in the desert of contentment in which he burned.

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