San Francisco architect and family man Max Klein survives the plane crash that kills his best friend and undergoes a mystical transformation. Having overcome not only his fear of flying, but his fear of death, Max emerges from the crash in a blissed, beatific state—and finds himself no longer able to engage in normal life. Convinced of his own messianic powers, Max pours all his energies into helping a young Latino mother who lost her baby in the crash overcome her grief and crippling guilt. In the process he grows further and further away from his devoted wife and young son until he risks losing them—and himself—all together.


  • Great! A remarkable film.

    Richard Schickel, Time Magazine
  • Weir and Yglesias, who adapted his novel, don’t shy away from dealing with the kinds of issues seldom portrayed in mainstream movies: Fear of death and fear of life after a traumatic airplane crash.

    Emanuel Levy
  • …a visionary and haunting film that is packed with astonishing images of beauty and terror.

    Peter Travers, Rolling Stone